The impact of COVID 19 on oral health in Australia

The research is being carried out by the following researchers:
Research Lead: Dr. Virginia Dickson-Swift
Organisation: Violet Vines Centre for Rural Health Research, La Trobe Rural Health School. 
Research team: Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift,  Dr. Rachel Martin, Dr. Ron Knevel, Dr. Elizabeth Sari
Violet Vines Centre for Rural Health Research, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health. La Trobe Rural Health School

HREC approval number: HEC21076
Before you start this survey, please read carefully through the following information, and feel free to discuss it with others if you wish before proceeding. If you have any questions, please contact us using the details provided below.
What is the study about?
From March 2020, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic led to a range of lockdown measures being introduced throughout Australia. These lockdowns have continued to have a major effect on people's daily lives and may have affected their oral health. For some affected areas the lockdowns caused disruption in the provision of some health services for several months, including access to general dental care.
The main aim of this project is to explore people's experiences around oral health and their use of dental care services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We also want to understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on oral health inequalities in Australia. The results of this survey will provide valuable insights into the impact of COVID-19 on oral health.
Who is being asked to participate?
Being part of this study is voluntary. To be able to take part in this anonymous survey you need to be an adult (18+years), be competent in English, live in Australia and consent to taking part in the online survey. You will need internet access via a smartphone, computer or tablet.
What will I be asked to do?
If you want to take part in this study, we will ask you to complete an anonymous online survey that should take no more than 20 minutes of your time.
What are the benefits?
There may be no direct benefits to you by completing the survey, but the information provided will give us valuable insights into the effects of COVID-19 on oral health.
What are the risks?
We do not envisage any risks to you in completing this anonymous survey however with any study there are (1) risks we know about, (2) risks we do not know about, and (3) risks we do not expect. If you experience something that you aren’t sure about, please contact us immediately, so we can discuss the best way to manage your concerns.
Contact : Dr. Virginia Dickson-Swift Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research
Senior Research Fellow
Phone: 03 5444 7852
Email: v.dickson-swift@latrobe.edu.au
We have listed the risks we know about below. This will help you decide if you want to be part of the study.
This is an anonymous survey and participation is voluntary. As some of the questions relate to health status there is a possibility that people may become upset when recalling information about their health. If this is the case and you need some advice or support you can contact a friend, family member, a trusted health service or call Lifeline on 131114 or
https://www.lifeline.org.au/ or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get
What will happen to information about me?
By clicking on the ‘I agree, start questionnaire’ button, this tells us you want to take part in the study.
We will collect information about you in ways that will not reveal who you are.
We will store information about you in ways that will not reveal who you are.
We will publish information about you in ways that will not be identified in any type of publication from this study.
We will keep your information for 5 years after the project is completed. After this time we will destroy all of your data.
The storage, transfer and destruction of your data will be undertaken in accordance with the Research Data Management Policy https://policies.latrobe.edu.au/document/view.php?id=106/.
The personal information you provide will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws, any health information collected will be handled in accordance with the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). You have the right to access and correct your personal information by contacting the research team.
Will I hear about the results of the study?
We will let you know about the results of the study by accessing the Violet Vines Marshman website https://www.latrobe.edu.au/research/centres/health/violetmarshman
What if I change my mind?
If you no longer want to complete the survey, simply close the web browser. If you change your mind after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, we cannot withdraw your responses because we cannot link who you are with your survey responses.
Your decision to withdraw not to continue the survey will not affect your relationship with La Trobe University or any other organisation listed.
Who can I contact for questions or want more information?
If you would like to speak to us, please use the contact details below:
Dr. Virginia Dickson-Swift Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research
Senior Research Fellow
Phone: 03 5444 7852
Email: v.dickson-swift@latrobe.edu.au
What if I have a complaint?
If you have a complaint about any part of this study, please contact:

Position: Senior Research Ethics Officer
Telephone: +61 3 9479 1443
Email: humanethics@latrobe.edu.au
Quote ethics number HEC20176

Consent Form – Declaration by Participant
I (the participant) have read understood the Participant Information Statement, and any questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I agree to participate in the study, I understand that once I have completed the survey, I will be unable to withdraw my data. I agree information provided by me or with my permission during the project may be included in a thesis, presentation and published in journals on the condition that I cannot be identified.

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